Back-to-work? How to help your furbaby cope. - Going back to work? Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of leaving your pet home alone after being at home for 18 months? Problem is that a sudden change could be a challenge to you and your pet. If your pet isn’t normally alone for long periods of time it may cause some separation anxiety and […]
Adopt, Don’t Shop and Save a Precious Life! - There are millions of homeless animals in the shelter systems that need loving homes. The number of companion animals euthanized each year would be significantly reduced if people adopted animals from animal shelters instead of purchasing animals from a breeder.  Many people want to shop around for the “perfect” puppy or a “designer” dog when […]
World Elephant Day!! Elephants are not Entertainment: At Home and Abroad - Traveling can be a fantastic way to explore different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. As an animal lover, it can be so rewarding to use your travel time to build new relationships with local wildlife. However, due to COVID restrictions, not only is travel more complicated, the animals used to create these magical moments abroad are […]
Pandemic Pets - There are many benefits to adopting or fostering animals during “normal” times, when the world is not collectively going through a global health crisis. However, during the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there are even more reasons to welcome a new pet into your family. Sharing our lives with animals is good for our health. There are […]