Celebrate Animal Victories and Why It’s so Important! - There have been so many amazing animal victories lately. From major fashion houses going fur-free to animals being recognized in laws as sentient beings in countries like Spain and England. We have come a long way and there’s much more to come! When you hear victories like Dolce and Gabbana has stopped the use of […]
Happy Foster February! - Happy Foster February Friends! This month we are celebrating the amazing dog and cat foster parents who take in and love animals while they are waiting for their forever homes.  Why are foster homes so important when it comes to animals? I have compiled a list that might make you take the leap in becoming […]
The Importance of a plant-based diet on the planet - We all know the importance of a plant-based diet on animals, but did you know you could eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by switching to a plant-based lifestyle?  Raising and producing livestock for food accounts for three-quarters of 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The science is simple; reduce meat intake and we can significantly reduce […]
Adopt Don’t Shop this Holiday Season! - The holidays are a popular time for people to become pet parents and bring home a furry friend to become part of their family. Before doing so, it’s important to do some research and be patient. Find out what type of companion animal is most suited for your family and lifestyle. You will likely find your […]